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Audit, Audit Company, Malaysia Auditors
Audit, Audit Company, Malaysia Auditors Audit and Assurance

At the core of our business are our audit and assurance services. Our audits are performed in accordance with International Auditing Standards and comply with the requirements of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. You and your investors can have the added assurance that the financial statements of your company are free from material misstatements.

With the added complexity of the changes in the existing standards and legislations as Malaysia moves towards the adoption of Financial Reporting Standards, our professional auditors are prepared to guide your finance department and keep you updated on current and upcoming amendments so that your financial statements remain relevant and fully compliant at all times.

Our auditors extend their services from that of merely expressing an independent opinion on our clients' financial statements to also providing the management with recommendations for improving their financial and operating systems and assisting in the design of such recommended improvements as well as monitoring the systems periodically to ensure they are fulfilling their required functions.

Our clientele portfolio ranges from privately held small companies to public listed companies listed on the Bursa Malaysia and multinationals. The companies we audit are involved in a diverse range of industries such as manufacturing, commodities, plantations, retail, infrastructure and utilities to name a few.

With such a diverse clientele, we are well-versed in the specific regulations pertinent to your industry, and able to address the needs of both a small enterprise to an internationally-sized business.

We look forward to meeting your needs with our auditing team working hand-in-hand with your finance department to ensure the smooth flow of your finance operations.
Range of services : Audit and Assurance | Tax Planning & Compliance | Corporate Secretarial | Business Process Outsoucing (BPO) | Corporate Advisory